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Experiences Working With Shawn

We have worked with Shawn in various capacities for over 10 years. During the last 5 he has served as an invaluable coach to me, my team, and our Board. His unique style, knowledge, and desire to see us succeed continues to be a huge asset for us. He coaches, teaches, listens, and pushes with the exact right amount of tact and understanding of where we all are and what we need to do to get better!


"Can't recommend Shawn enough - get ready to be the best version of yourself!"

Scott - CEO / Owner

"There's not a day where I don't either refer to something Shawn taught us, or play it in my head! His partnership has been a tremendous help personally and professionally"

Angela - CHRO

"At the end of the day my confidence and ability to excel in my role has been fueled by Shawn's coaching!"

Rob - Sr. Exec

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