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About Us

Welcome to Live.Best.Work! We started this company to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential. A few years ago we began the transition from a more traditional business consulting model to a  focus on coaching. You can read more about the why behind this transition here. Throughout over thirty years of of working with high performing organizations and individuals I have developed and fostered continuous growth, expertise, and passion in the areas of Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and Performance Coaching. I provide tailored solutions to help you achieve success. My passion for personal and professional growth drives us to deliver exceptional results.  ~Shawn

What We Do

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching service is designed to help high-level professionals enhance their leadership skills and achieve their career objectives. Through personalized coaching sessions, we provide valuable insights and strategies to help you excel in your role and drive organizational success.

Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching service focuses on developing effective leadership qualities and empowering individuals to lead with confidence. We work closely with you to identify your strengths and areas for growth, providing guidance and support to help you become a strong and influential leader.

Performance Coaching

Our Performance Coaching service is aimed at individuals who want to maximize their potential and achieve peak performance. We help you set clear goals, overcome obstacles, and develop strategies to enhance your performance in both personal and professional domains.

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