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empower - to provide greater insights, control, and strength

About Live.Best.Work

Welcome to Live.Best.Work! I founded this company to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. I've spent thirty years working with high performing organizations and leaders in senior leadership roles, as a consultant, and as a coach. My tailored solutions are designed to drive your success, fueled by a passion for personal and professional growth. ~ Shawn

Free 15 minute initial consultation to better learn about your needs

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Coaching Solutions

Shawn is the best coach and teacher I have worked with in nearly 40 years of corporate leadership! ~KB

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching enhances high-level professionals' leadership skills, personal development, and career goals.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching develops effective leadership qualities, empowering confident leadership. I identify strengths and growth areas, offering guidance for becoming a strong, influential leader.

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching maximizes potential for peak performance. I assist in setting clear goals, overcoming obstacles, and developing strategies for excellence in personal and professional areas.

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