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About Shawn Evans, PhD

I always find it interesting to write about myself, but I also understand the need to at least begin to get a sense of who I am as the decision to engage a coach becomes a very interpersonal commitment. So, with that in mind, let me spend a few minutes telling you about me, my work, my philosophies around coaching, and some of the things that may be interesting.


Some Background 


I have been working in and with high-performing organizations for about 30 years. I am driven and passionate about helping organizations and people achieve their best results. During this time I have held senior-level leadership positions, internal consulting positions, and of course external consulting and coaching roles. As I have matured in my own career, the element of performance (executive/leadership) is where I am currently getting the most enjoyment and probably driving the most value for my clients.


Coaching Philosophy 


My coaching philosophies and processes have also matured throughout the years. I started, as many do, by going through certification programs and learning the coaching process by applying the systems they teach. Those systems were a great way to get started, but they never quite provided the level of performance I was looking for, nor exactly fit who I am as a person. So, my philosophies and processes have evolved, and continue to evolve. I would define my process as a hybrid between coaching and consulting - with emphasis created by the client. My PhD is in organizational performance and leadership, so I understand the challenges of those areas as well as know some tried and true elements to drive performance. It always seemed disingenuous to try to coach someone to see a path forward when I could provide some specific and proven guidance.


Always learning and improving


Some of the key elements of coaching are the ideas of change, improvement, and discipline. I work to continuously apply these elements to my own life and coaching practices. I cannot think of a single client or organization with whom I have not learned something and improved. I think this is important to know as it demonstrates a level of fluidity, agility, and willingness on my part to always meet people where they are - which sets the stage for successful interactions.


Some of the Rest


While my purpose in life is to help others achieve success, there are other things that I enjoy. These include hiking and rucking (hiking with weight), experiencing different cultures and natural environments throughout the world, woodworking, flyfishing (Tenkara version), and spending time with our growing family.


I hope this begins to provide a small insight into who I am and I look forward to answering any questions you may have for me.

The Fun Stuff!

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